6 Types of Applications You Can Build With Node.js

Types of Applications you can create with Node js

What type of applications you can build with Node.js .

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment built upon event-driven programming that enables non-blocking I/O (Input/Output) capable of serving multiple concurrent events in a single thread. Non-blocking I/O makes Node.js very fast, lightweight, scalable, and efficient in handling data-heavy and I/O-heavy workloads characteristic of several types of web applications. In this article, we are going to show that Node.js can be used efficiently in many kinds of applications, and we will present six most popular solutions, including IoT applications, applications built around microservice architecture, real-time chats, real-time collaboration tools, streaming apps, and Single Page Applications (SPAs).

  1. Internet of Things
  2. Real-Time Chats Applications
  3. Complex Single-Page Applications
  4. Real-Time Collaboration Tools
  5. Streaming apps
  6. Microservices / API’s

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  1. Nice article! I know another great thing we can build with Node.js. There are a many remote controllers, e.g for a car, games or drawing tools. It’s amazing :)!


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