Angular 5 delay


5th version of popular JavaScript framework is targeted to be released on 23th of October

Angular 5, the next major update of popular JavaScript framework, created by Google, was planned to be released this month. But the release date is now set to October 23, due to the fact that developer team needs more time to work on the update. This is reported by the InfoWorld.

As a result, it seems that 6th version should be released in March or April of 2018, and Angular 7 in September or October 2018. Each version is promised to be backward-compatible with the last release.

Angular 5’s promised features are: creating progressive web apps, build optimizer and accommodations for Material Design components.

The gap between Angular and Angular 2 was a few-years long. Google started to release new version 2 times in a year. Also, the 3rd version was skipped and Angular 4 was released.

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