Angularjs interview questions


In this Article, we are going to share 10 most popular Angularjs Interview Questions Written By Shivprasad Koirala. Shivprasad Koirala is a Software Architect By profession and runs website which provide tutorial and videos on C# and .net.

Angularjs Interview Questions

These days AngularJS is one of those hot topics everyone wants to learn it because AngularJs developers are getting more paid by companies.

1. What are expressions in Angular?

AngularJs Expressions are used to bind application data to html. Expressions are written inside double braces like {{ expression}}. Expressions behave in the same way as ng-bind directives. AngularJS application expressions are pure javascript expressions and outputs the data where they are used.

Explain $scope in Angular?

In Angular Every controller has an associated $scope object. A controller (constructor) function is responsible for setting model properties and functions. This can be done only through $scope. Whatever function or model you apply in View (html file), that is accessed in controller using scope.
Only methods defined on this $scope object are accessible from the HTML/view. Example – from ng-click, filters, etc.

Do I need Jquery for Angular?

No, you do not need Jquery for Angular. It’s independent of Jquery.

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