Creating a Cloudinary Vue Component


While React.js has taken much of the attention during the latest wave of JavaScript frameworks, Vue.js has quietly become a favorite of many developers that find React overly complex and don’t want to deal with the webpack tooling.  With Vue you can simply include the Vue JavaScript file in the page, create a few templates, and you’re on your way — a throwback to the original JavaScript framework days.

Cloudinary, the awesome media storage and delivery service, provides APIs in just about every language to aid developers in using their service, including Node.js, Python, PHP, React, etc. I’ve been meaning to check out Vue and thought what better way to do so than creating media-centric components with the help of Cloudinary’s API. My goal was to create a video component that mirrors what you see on many video-centric sites: load a thumbnail, play preview upon hover, and finally play the video when clicked.

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