Detect Supported Video Formats with JavaScript


Over the past few years we’ve been seeing new audio, video, and image formats take shape to challenge the legacy formats that we’ve used since the web’s inception. This is a great development as we have more processing power and better compression algorithms have been developed, leading to faster load times and rendering. Hooray for speed!

The problem: as with every other feature added to the browser, some browsers get media format support faster than others, and some browsers refuse to support given formats. Simply put: we now need to do feature detection on media, something we’ve not traditionally had to do. A while back I posted about how you can detect WEBP support in the browser and now I’d like to show you how to detect supported video formats — it’s easier than you think!


canPlayType is the secret to detecting video format support in the browser. To use this method you must first create a <video> element instance:

const video = document.createElement('video');

You then call canPlayType, passing in the format’s MIME type and additional details as needed:

video.canPlayType(‘video/webm; codecs=”vp8, vorbis”‘); // “probably”

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