TOP 50 ReactJS Interview Questions for freshers 2017 -2018

React Js

Sharing best 50+ React Js interview questions for freshers and experienced. That are asked in React Js Interviews.

  1. How is React different from Angular?
  2. What is Props and state in React Js?
  3. What are Arrow functions? How to use Arrow functions in React Js.
  4. How stateful components are different from stateless components?
  5. Please Explain lifecycle of React components?
  6. Describe synthetic events in React. How it is different from Javascript Events.
  7. Differentiate controlled and uncontrolled components in React Js?
  8. What is Redux?Why is it used?
  9. List some difference between Flux and Redux?
  10. List some advantages and disadvantages of Redux?

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React js Interview questions


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